Film and video art

Habitado (2017)
Listen (2017)
Stillness (2016)


1983 Collection
Untitled (2016)


2019 - 2020


Grey Area (2020)
Thomaz de Mello Breyner Diaries (in production)
Now and then (2020)
Poise (2020)
The boy and the owl (2018)
Telhados de Vidro No. 23 (2018)
Breathe (2018)

HD Video (1920x1080), 16:9, Black and white, Stereo sound, 1’30’’

Habitado/ Inhabited (2017)

Direction, graphics, screenplay, sound design, editing and animation by Daniela Fortuna.


The place is alive. It is inhabited by its own motion, by the organic sounds inherent to it and by silence.