Film and video art

Habitado (2017)
Listen (2017)
Stillness (2016)


1983 Collection
Untitled (2016)


2019 - 2020


Grey Area (2020)
Thomaz de Mello Breyner Diaries (in production)
Now and then (2020)
Poise (2020)
The boy and the owl (2018)
Telhados de Vidro No. 23 (2018)
Breathe (2018)

Suspensão/ Poise animation short film by Luís Soares produced by Filmes do Gajo.

2020 Portugal, 7’


A sad and restrained man lying on the bed in his empty room. Hesitates, ponder hypotheses in a cycle without deciding, stuck. In exhaustion all anguish equals. Another man is sitting at the window: he looks at him and to the street. Characters in broken situations. The key positions, the suspended sequences, are shown. The man almost decides - and they almost return, inside and out, to them and to the city, time and movement. Infinite daw.