Thomaz de Mello Breyner Diaries
Animation, Film

Thomaz de Mello Breyner (Lisbon, September 2, 1866 — Lisbon, October 24, 1933) was a portuguese nobleman. He kept a diary from 1897 to 1933. This animation test illustrates the following passage on December 6, 1917 "No one slept at home, all night shooting. When the day broke, began the robberies to the stores throughout the city. (...) You can only see poor people passing through with bags and boxes of stolen things in the robbed stores.”

Animation test for the documentary series Thomaz de Mello Breyner Diaries (in production), based on the book Thomaz de Mello Breyner - Relatos de uma Época, do final da Monarquia ao Estado Novo by Margarida de Magalhães Ramalho and produced by LX Filmes.

Acrylic on paper
18 x 14 cm